This group is for couples who have completed their child-rearing and are now “Empty Nesters” – we will plan one fun event/outing each month, on a date the group agrees to. Some ideas for events: view a special Christmas movie [i.e., Voyage of the Dawn Treader]; go have pancake breakfast at Maple Tree Inn; share potluck dinner and games at one of our homes – you get the idea! Fun, social times in a usually relaxed setting where we can get to know each other while enjoying good, clean fun.

Since we had a total of 28 couples sign up for this community group, we have split up into three smaller groups for monthly events. Leading one group — Group C — are Mark & Corliss Cloninger. Leaders of the other two groups — Group A and Group B — are Jerry & Annette Warsaw. We are looking for a couple to lead a smaller group; if you have an interest please contact Jerry.

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